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What to Do if You Have an Accident

  • Check for injuries. Life and health should be of the utmost concern.
  • Note specific areas of damage to all vehicles involved.
  • Take photos of the vehicles and accident scene with your cell phone before you move your vehicle.
  • Write down names, addresses, driver’s license numbers and vehicle state license tag numbers of all individuals involved in the accident.
  • Call the police (even in the event of a minor accident).
  • Obtain names, addresses, business cards and phone numbers of anyone who may have witnessed the accident. This may prove extremely helpful should versions change in the future.

Other Things to Remember in the Event of a Loss

  • Jot down the weather details surrounding the accident such as weather conditions and visibility.
  • Notify your insurance company at 1-888-262-8864.
  • DO NOT sign any documents unless it is for the police or your insurance company.

Above all, stay clear of the roadway so as not to expose yourself to additional danger.

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